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Service Design

In the current context and in the years that follow, pollution and consumption are harmful to the citizen. Environmental measures have to be taken and this is one of many ways to contribute positively.

Our proposal is based on speeding up the purchasing process. For all those who do not want to have to carry the purchases everywhere around.

The idea is that if you go shopping, and want to get rid of them to attend a function, a dinner, a meeting, or just come back empty-handed, you can hire Lightshop. Through a few simple steps in your Smartphone, the messenger will pick up the purchase in the Lightshop points of each trade and will send it to you whenever you want, wherever you desire. You will be able to track both the carrier and the merchandise, to know if it has been collected or is in the trade.

Lightshop allows you to go on with your life without having to be a slave to your purchases.

Go light, be a Lightshop user

published in ICON DESIGN

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